Featured Flower Friday ~ Simplicity Basket

Simplicity Basket

Simplicity in life is probably the purest form of beauty there is. Simplicity is clean, no confusion, just simple clean and clear. Simplicity in flowers can be as simple as a single rose or a flower arrangement that is done with just a single type of flower in a single color. The Simplicity Basket is a clear indication how something as simple as a single flower type of arrangement can be purely beautiful. Not everything in life needs to be flashy and full of color to be stunning.

If you want to show a pure emotion, think about doing it by keeping the message simple with a singular color and type of flower. The simplicity of it all will show the pureness of your thoughts and your feelings.

The Simplicity Basket can be made with your choice of color. The carnations that adorn this flower arrangement come in numerous colors so it will be easy to find just the perfect color to match your feelings you want to relay.