Brant Florist closes Miles

Welcome Bear Flower Bouquet with Gerbera

Flowers are often given for no particular reason. But for those living far away from their loved ones, giving flowers may become a mile closer and Brant Florist is happy to help you make those miles in between you and your loved one not seem quite so far.

Living apart from your loved ones can leave one feeling sad, lonely, and longing – longing for that connection they once were accustomed to before the miles parted them from their loved one. Yes, there is the internet where you can keep in touch via Facebook, emails, e-cards etc. But once that interaction ends, one is left longing again. By sending flowers with a gift such as a cute and cuddly stuffed animal can keep a connection going much longer and give the recipients something to reflect back on that is tangible. Touch is a strong emotion, as is scent, things that both flowers and stuffed animals can give a loved one in a longing state. When you want to close the miles, let Brant Florist help with the delivery of a beautiful flower arrangement with the perfect stuffed animal to accompany it.