August Birth Flower ~ Gladiolus

Basket of Memories

For all you August birth baby’s, be glad that the Gladiolus is your birth flower. For all of you sending flowers to an August Birthday loved one, make sure you incorporate the Gladiolus in the flower arrangement you choose to have delivered.

Let me tell you why the gladiolus is such a great flower to have as a birth flower. The common name of the gladiola are “glad”, “corn-flag”, “corn iris”, and “sword lily”. The gladiola comes from the Latin term gladiolus. The Roman sword was called a “gladius” and the glad’s leaves in their sharp long sword shape reflect the Roman fighter swords. The same word is the root for the word gladiator who was a soldier who “lived or died by the sword” (Ward 167) which is behind the over all Latin meaning for gladiolus “strength in character.”

The meaning of the August Birth Flower, the Gladiolus is sincerity and symbolizes strength of character, sincerity; generosity; natural grace, and imagination which is pretty on target with what a Leo’s characteristics are: honest, generous, self-motivated, warm hearted, and enthusiastic. The hidden message of the Birth Flower, the Gladiolus, so favored during the Victorian era was “Love at first sight”.

Sending a bouquet of flowers with gladiolas incorporated into it to that special August birthday person in your life is a thoughtful gift and can say so much, but gladiolas make a perfect addition to any flower bouquet for any occasion so don’t overlook this mighty powerful flower.