Flower Arrangement Styles

Warm Thoughts Color Choice

Flowers bring a color and beauty to any home and can create an uplifting atmosphere. There are various types of flower arrangements and even more types of flowers to put into those arrangements. With the massive variety of flowers around the world, florist will never run out of creative ways to arrange them and never have to worry about anything becoming redundant!

There are several different types of flower arrangements that florist use to showcase flowers beauty – circular shape, triangular shape, crescent shape, fan shape, Hogarth or ‘S’ shape, and Ikebana.

Creating an eye catching flower arrangement is what Brant Florist takes great pride in and is greatly honored to create them for you for all your flower needs. When you know what you are wanting in your arrangement, you can even tell the Brant Florist team through their “design your own” order form on the Brant Florist website or feel free to call. Brant Florist will go the extra mile to ensure your flowers are perfect every time.