Ten Non-Holiday reasons/occasions to Send Flowers

Holidays are one reason to send flowers but there are so many other reasons to send flowers. Here are ten reason/occasions to send flowers. These are not in a list of any particular order, just 10 good reasons to send flowers.

1. To say “I am sorry.”
For those times when you messed up, or feel an apology needs to be delivered.
2. Get well
3. Thinking of you
4 Long distance romance
5. Military (When you have a love one based far away.)
6. To say I love you.. family member/friend/etc
7. Just because (To send a picker up to someone, just because.)
8. Nature lovers (for those who you know just love flowers!)
9. Business deals
10. Congratulatory (Graduations, new home, new job, etc.)

Now I bet you can all come up with ten more reason to send someone flowers. Let’s hear them!