Flowers say “Stick um up?”

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I know if I said it once, I have said it a 1000 times, flowers can say anything you want them to say, but never in a million years would I have thought they would be used to say “Stick um up” in a bank robbery, but yet that is exactly what transpired.

Here is a link to the entire news article I came across while browsing the net. NYDailyNews.Com

Basics are the robber made his way into a Manhattan bank with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and presented the teller with a note that he had inside the flowers demanding she hand over all the $100’s and $50’s and not to try to be a hero. The teller of course handed the money over and return the flower bearing robber left her a parting gift of the flowers. Well, as chivalrous as the parting gift of flowers were, this flower bearing robber obviously was so enthralled with the flowers fragrance that he was oblivious to the camera catching his picture that will hopefully bring his “say it with flowers” bank robbing gig to an end.