Featured Flower Friday ~ Heat Wave Flower Vase

Heat Wave Flower Vase

Can anyone guess why I picked this particular flower arrangement today? If you guessed due to the heat, you would be spot on correct! The Heat Wave Flower Vase is a great representation of heat. It has all the brilliant colors of summer blossoms, will definitely warm a person’s heart, and reminds me of the hues in a evening summer sunset.

This beautiful mix of jewel toned shades and lovely textures make this gift perfect for truly any occasion. The flower vase is bursting with hot pink gerberas and Matsumoto Asters arranged with yellow chrysanthemums and spray roses and accented perfectly with a orange satin ribbon.

Of course this flower arrangement won’t do anything to bring down the heat of the great mighty sun, but it could definitely cool a cranky person on a hot summer day!