Flower Diseases ~ Gray Mold

Gray Mold on rose flowers

Gray mold is one of the most common types of diseases that afflict flowers. It is more prevalent during periods of high rainfall and cool temperatures. It has an appearance of a powdery mildew that is gray in color, thus its name. It appears primarily on old and dying leaves and flowers. When water sits on plants without the natural ability to dry within a reasonable time frame a gray fuzzy coating begins to appear – gray mold.

Gray Mold on Marigold leaves

To care for plants and flowers affected with gray mold, remove all diseased flowers and or leaves right away and spray with a beneficial bacterial control. To prevent gray mold keep your garden bed flowers spaced to allow for plenty of air circulation and well weeded. Also avoid overhead watering.

gray mold on strawberries

Gray mold can also present on trees, shrubs, and small fruits like strawberries. Recommended disposal of affected leaves, flowers, and fruits is burning, but since many urban areas do not allow for burning, burying the affected plants is also acceptable.