Send Flowers Anonymously

Sweet Sentiment Flower Arrangement

Sometimes it is just fun to play Secret Santa no matter what time of year it is – to surprise someone with a gift of flowers. You can sit back and imagine their delight and imagine the thoughts racing through their head wondering just who sent them flowers. You might even get that phone call from the receiver saying something like “You will never guess what I got today” and you can play along trying your best not to crack up laughing and give away your anonymity. You can smile to yourself knowing you made someone’s day brighter and just a bit more exciting!

It’s not hard to send flowers to someone anonymously. Simply go to the BrantFlorist Website and pick out the flowers you want to send and then either call BrantFlorist and request the flowers be sent anonymously or make sure to include a special note in your online order that you wish them to be sent anonymously. Then just leave the rest to BrantFlorist. Even if the recipient calls inquiring who sent the flowers, Brant Florist will not let your secret slip!