Young Love ~ He Loves me, He loves me Not.. How to tell with Flowers

3 Rose Bud Vase

Oh, we have all been there – wondering of a certain male likes us the same way we like them. Just as hard as it is for men to figure out women, the same goes for women figuring out men… no matter what the age.

Here is a sure fire way to find out just how that guy you have been eying feels about you – send him flowers!

Yes, you read that right… send a man flowers. His reaction will give you all the answers you need! And the best thing about sending flowers to a male interest is that even if he wasn’t totally into you yet – the gift of flowers could very well be the thing that turns his attention directly on you!

Flowers are fun and they can express whatever you want them to express, but one thing they will always show is you thought of the person and cared enough to express that thought by sending flowers.

If you just want to get a guys attention, flowers are a great ice breaker! Use the power of flowers to flirt and read just what your interest desires are. You cannot ever go wrong sending flowers!