Creating a Flower Themed Baby Shower

Baby Girl Flower Bouquet with Balloons
Baby showers are so much fun and so full of color! It is a time for friends and family to gather and celebrate the upcoming arrival of a precious baby and a chance to adorn the new to be mommy all the necessary items she will need to tend to her baby.

Hosting a baby shower can be a bit dreaded because it can get a bit overwhelming but with a few tips to keep you directed you will be able to pull off a baby shower effortlessly.

Step one: Picks a theme! It will direct you in the rest of the decisions you will make throughout the rest of the entire process. It will help you in choosing the décor, colors, food, and party favors. You can base your theme off darn near anything. Think of who you are throwing the party for and pick a simple icon, color, or even a flower. It can be anything that you know the expectant mother would enjoy. Flowers are always fun to design around and probably the easiest of themes to do!

Step 2: Invitations. Choose invitations based off theme. Gather guest list from expectant mother family and friends. When going with a flower theme it is easy to find party invitations designed with flowers! You can also design one of your own. There are many sites online that have templates to help you design invitations for any occasion.

Step 3: The Décor. The décor is the fun part. When working a flower theme you can make all kinds of flower arrangements to decorate tables, entryways, gift trim, around punch bowls, etc. There is just do much you can do with flowers!!!

Step 4: The Menu. Decide if you are going buffet style, sit down, or just snack type foods. Not all baby showers have a full meal so don’t feel like you are obligated to that; however, if there are a lot of guest coming in from out of town for the celebration, you may want to consider having something a bit more substantial then cake, snacks, and drink. Whatever you decide to serve, make sure it is something you are comfortable preparing. First time dishes are not recommended. The menu is a great place to ask for assistance in preparation. Preparing the food for any party, no matter how big or small can be very time consuming, so by enlisting the help of others you take some of that pressure off you and have a better handle on getting the dishes prepared timely.

Step 5: The Cake! The cake is the best part. It pulls the entire theme together.. If you are going with a flower theme, make sure you do it up good by incorporating frosting flowers in the likeness of the flowers being used in the décor. The cake is probably the most exciting and if ordered, the easiest part of planning the whole party!

Step 6: Party Favors! Party favors are a great way to thank the guest for coming! With flowers you can use a single flower garnishing a small treat like chocolates, cookies, or other candies.

By just following these six steps you can create a wonderful baby shower that your guest of honor will adore!!!