Planning a Event accented with Flowers

Thoughtful Lily Bouquet

The great thing about Brant Florist is you can count on delivery when you need it. If you are planning an event and want to decorate with flowers but are on a budget, rather than order pre-arranged flowers, you can order fresh cut flowers and create your own flower arrangements. You can count on Brant Florist to get you the fresh flowers you need on time.

Once you receive your flowers here are some tips to get you started in making simple arrangements that will please everyone.

Vase proportion to flowers: Bubble bowls, cube vases, and shorter vases require shorter cut flowers. Tall slender vase require longer flowers, like gladiola or veronica’s. Vase should be 1/3 of floral arrangement height, or if using short vases, 50% of the height.

Cut flowers to height gradually: You can always cut off more if need be but you can’t add. Cut stems at an angle and make sure to submerge in water immediately, or better yet, cut under running water and submerge immediately in vase.

Float flowers for a quick floral arrangement: If using short wide mouth vases, simply cut the stems short and “float the flower(s) in the vase. The great thing about this is, if you do not have many matching vases, you can easily use dessert dishes, sundae dishes, etc that you do have a set of and have a nice flow with your flowers! This works especially well if you are entertaining on long rectangular tables as you can space them centered through out the length of the table. Use a table runner down the center first on top of your tablecloth to even give it a fancier appeal.

Color Scheme: The great thing about Brant Florist is you can order cut flowers in any color scheme you choose. This keeps unity throughout your décor and give a great impact to your guest.

Don’t be afraid of color: Feel free to mix colors to give added dimension. It can be a great way of adding drama to your décor.

Play around and have fun with it: Your floral arrangements will express who you are as a person, and that is the most important aspect of any event you are throwing. The great thing about flowers is – no matter what, they will always look beautiful!