Designing your own Floral Arrangement

Florist Cut Bouquet Gift Wrapped - Your Color Choice

Summer time is a great time for flowers! They are everywhere, from your own personal garden to wildflowers growing in ditches. It gives everyone a perfect chance to try their hand at flower arranging. Here is a few tips that will help you make flower arrangements for your home. As always, is always available to deliver flowers fro you anywhere you have a flower need.

Keep your arrangement simple: Too many flowers stuffed in a vase takes away from the individual flowers beauty and will make it look messy. Keep the stems that are under water clear of any foliage.

Don’t over cut:
When arranging your flowers, take your time when cutting the stems to get the height you seek. If you cut off too much at once, you are stuck. Cut them as long as possible when cutting them from your garden initially.

Focal point:
Use a larger flower for a center focal point or a gathering of smaller flowers.

Before Arranging: When cutting flowers from your garden, have a bucket or container of water that you can immediately transfer them too. Allow them to rest in that water for a good 45 minutes before starting to re-cut to size and arrange.

Practice makes Perfection:
Have fun with it and don’t worry about perfection. It will come in time. Remember, a cut flower in a vase is beautiful even when it stands alone.