When you go ‘a Mothering’ you’re doing what?

The two main Mother’s Day occasions have different roots and meanings, the European Mothering Sunday is said to have it’s history in the ancient crucible of civilization – Greece, however there is also another explanation, a more family oriented tale.

In the middle ages children were often apprenticed to learn a trade or skill. When this happened – and it happened at an early age – the children would live and work with their master and the parents would not likely see their children regularly after that – if at all.

There was however the tradition of an annual celebration of returning to ones Mother Church. Everyone was permitted to have the day off work and they’d return to this main Church to meet up with family, friends and to celebrate the season.

In some cases this special Sunday mass was the only time Mothers would get to see their children that year and so it was not long before the event was known by the deed – to go ‘a Mothering’ meant to visit the Mother Church as well as to see ones Mother.