Favorite Summer Flowers

Autumn Vase Bouquet by FTD

School’s out for the summer, accept for those who attend year round school, but the majority of students are running free for the next couple months. Besides being out of school for the summer, there are many things to excite and delight us – cook outs, family reunions, pool or beaches, and the beauty of flowers blooming all around us! Colors are popping out everywhere, flowers in the garden, at special occasions (weddings, baby showers, reunions, parties, etc..) and even possibly around your town as many towns accent corners, parks, etc with flowers. Why, because they are beautiful and appealing and well, they just make a town look friendlier! (Does your town accent with flowers? Feel free to take pictures and share them with us on the Brant Florist Facebook FanPage wall!)

The greatest thing about summer time is the abundance of different flowers that come into bloom! Here is my question to you – What is your TOP TEN FAVORITE FLOWERS of Summer and why.

My list would have to go as follows in no particular order of most favorite (just as I think of them):

Rose: Well I guess the rose because it is June’s flower and also because there are so many varieties and colors. My favorite color of rose would have to be yellow.

Daisies!: Daisies have always been one of my most favorite flowers. I just love the pure innocence they seem to deliver and carefree attitude of them.

Marigolds and Zinnias: I have to pick these two and put them into one because marigolds and zinnias were the first flowers I had ever planted as a child and still to date will always have them somewhere in my garden. It is just a tradition now.

Hydrangeas: One of the first flowering plants I received from my mother (blue hydrangea). I feel madly in love with it!

Sunflowers: Big and small, I love sunflowers. The big ones because I can enjoy their magnificence in the summer and feed the birds in the winter. The smaller sunflowers because they make great cut flowers for floral arrangements for my kitchen!

Dahlias: Have you seen them? They are gorgeous! Need I say more!?

Phlox: All kinds, all colors – phlox just complete a flowerbed! They also make great cut flowers for floral arrangements!

Carnations: Make for terrific cut flowers for arrangements! Can be grown in a large variety of colors, but to be honest, my luck on growing carnations have not been the best so I will leave that to order when I want some for a floral arrangement!

Morning Glory: I love the morning glory for an easy carefree vine to grow. It adds a ton of color to any trellis!

Gladioli: Galdioli’s are one of the longest lasting flowers of the summer flowers so a definite must have in flowerbeds were some flowers die out sooner to keep the color flowing!

I could list a ton more, but thought 10 was a good place to stop. Now it is your turn – list your 10 top favorite flowers and why.