Featured Friday Flower ~ Raspberry Patch Arrangement

Raspberry Patch Arrangement

Although the lilac season has past, the Raspberry Patch Arrangement caught my eye and I had to share it. I adore lilacs and love the smell of them. It is one of the first blooms of a new flowering season. I seen recently where they have genetically created a lilac bush that re-blooms throughout the spring and summer season – something I am seriously considering getting for my yard. When you browse the BrantFlorist website, while looking at all the flowers, do any catch your eye, make you reminisce, dream, have fond thoughts? The Raspberry Patch Arrangement brings all the touches of Spring in one flower arrangement with its pastel pink tulips, combined with lovely and fragrant lavender lilacs. It is breath taking and the perfect flower arrangement to send to anyone who savors that first glorious glimpse of blossoms in the garden