What is your favorite flower EVER?

African Lily

I want to know, what is your favorite flower ever! If you could only pick one flower to have in your garden, which would it be. Not an easy question if you are a flower lover. When you pick that flower, tell us a little why you made the choice you did.

I asked this question on Facebook and had some great answers. The picture above was Dagmar’s choice – the African Lily.

Another Brant Florist Facebook Fan chose Lilies of the Valley. Cathy told us the reason she choice Lilies of the Valley saying “back on Long Island I had an aunt that had a sea of them in her front yard…and on a warm sunny day they would peak out from under those vibrant green leaves and fill the breezes with the most beautifully delicate scent. To this day (40 + years later)…the faint lingering scent of the Lilly of the valley sends me right back to my childhood. I have an ever-growing patch of them in honor of her and pick handfuls of them to adorn my own house.”

Another fan had a harder time singling it down to just ONE flower. Nicole started her list with calendula, and went on to pick forget me not’s, and cosmos with her closing with “I could name at least a hundred!”

So let’s hear from you! What flower would you pick if you could only pick ONE to have in your flowerbeds?