Flowers for a Mood Lifter

Joyful and Thrilling

Ever have those days were you just feel blah for no real apparent reason, just a blah feeling. You may have a lack of motivation, and well, even just feel like a total grump. Even when a friend calls, you can’t quite explain why you are feeling in such a stupor, you just are. Those are the days it is great to have some unexpected flowers delivered to your door. Okay, so it’s not quite the same when you send them to yourself but on those occasions one of your friends or family members are in such a stupor, you sure can surprise them with a gift of flower delivery.

Sure, that doesn’t do nothing for your mood on those days you are in stupor of your own, but there is always the hope of a pay it forward to where one of your friends you helped with the gift of flowers returns the favor. Just think if it became an unspoken rule amongst you and a few of your close friends and/or family members. Soon, those less than motivational days become invigorating. They don’t hit often, but when they do, a gift of flowers may be all it takes to make a blue day sunny!