Is your child graduating?

The Honor Roll Flower Bouquet

Is your child graduating? If you would like to make your child feel even more special on their special day, you may want to consider making sure their gown is adorned with a sweet boutonniere or corsage, or your daughters’ wrist is adorned with a beautiful flower bracelet. This sets your child apart from the other many young adults taking the stage to be honored with their hard worked for diploma.

Flowers have a way of making someone feel special even on just a normal day, and even more special when they set them apart from another. It can show your young adult that you are just a bit bias in your pride in them, and on this day, that is a great thing to show. Look at these simple yet perfect accents you can adorn your young adult in on this victorious day – their graduation day!  Click on any of the pictures and it will take you right to the BrantFlorist website page of flower selected for you to easily order it today.

Cymbidium Orchid Corsage
Breathless Corsage
White Rose and Baby's Breath Boutonniere
True Happiness Rose Boutonniere
Vintage Bloom Flower Wristlet