Administrative Professionals Week

   Administrative Professionals Week is also known as Professional Secretaries 08s100.jpg08s100.jpg08s100.jpg08s100.jpgWeek.  This year that will occur April 21 to 25.  The week is a time to 08s100.jpggive praise and thanks to support staff for their contributions to company success as well as for their own accomplishments.  Research by Texas A&M University shows that a gift of flowers produces a natural lift in mood and creates a lasting memory that will boost productivity.

The research further shows that flowers and plants helps improve one’s ability to solve problems and generate new ideas.   

“Our study shows that adding flowers and plants to a work environment can be very meaningful to businesses in the modern economy,” said Roger Ulrich, Ph.D., lead Texas A&M researcher. “People’s productivity, innovation and creative problem solving, improved – which in certain circumstances could mean the difference between mild and great business success.”   

Rebecca Cole, author of Flower Power and host of Discovery Channel’s Surprise by Design offers an additional perspective. “Giving flowers is a loud, proud, sophisticated way of saying ‘I appreciate all you do.’ They’re a great way to build a strong, lasting professional relationship,” said Cole.

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