Let’s Talk Graduates!

Angel Wings™ Arrangement

Graduates are popping up everywhere, just like flowers, and there is no better way to congratulate your graduate then a surprise bouquet of flowers. Our Graduates, whether they are our child, niece, nephew, child of a friend, or just a child you have grown fond of, have worked hard for twelve solid years to get that opportunity to accept that certificate stating they have successfully completed primary education – their diploma. They are now ready to tackle whatever else the world has to offer them, wherever their dreams may lead them. It almost seems small sending flowers for such a glorious occasion in a young adult’s life, yet flowers can express to the graduate how proud and pleased you are with them. Send them early and then when you show up for the graduation ceremony, or the graduation party you will see just how much the flowers touched their life. Make sure to include a note on your card with your personal sentiments about their accomplishment. Then when you attend the celebration for the graduate, you can bring the traditional monetary gift. Most graduates don’t stick around long for their celebratory event. They are generally quick to ahead out with their fellow graduates to celebrate. By sending flowers in advance, if you miss the opportunity to express your pride, you will already have that covered in the card that accompanies the flowers.