White Tulips – Spring Flowers

16. White Tulips (spring flowers)whitetulips2.jpg

 A special spring flower with a colorful past, this Dutch favourite originally hails from the far corners of the 17th century Persian empire. White tulips are the very essence of purity to behold. Brought back to Europe  by an enthusiastic Ambassador, the tulip became associated with  spring time, Easter and of course – Holland. Today, there are more than 1000 varieties of tulips, however the white tulip’s purity makes it a favourite spring flower for many Easter displays and spring gift baskets. A bouquet of white tulips delivered internationally to a special someone is a fantastic way to send a very special springtime message.Remember, the color of spring flowers – specially the nature and quality of thewhite tulip – says so much about the gift giver. A sacred, pure and unblemished message is easily conveyed within the perfect folds of the white tulip petals. White tulips can be the centre piece of your spring floral arrangement and you can accent the bouquet with other subtle springtime colors, or alternatively you can make your white tulips the accent on a brightly coloured gift basket. The many varied choices and combinations of spring flowers, colors andconfigurations of bouquet, basket, vase, plush toy, candy and cards provides even the most particular gift recipient, more choices they you might imagine.In fact, local flower shop Brant Florist has over 1,500 flowers and gifts to choose from. Combine those with cards, candy and other considerations and the choices almost unlimted.